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Friday, August 27, 2010

We hit the Mother Lode! Vintage Jewelry!

Last month we hit the mother lode of jewelry at an estate sale. We got bags and bags of all kinds of jewelry....vintage, costume, even some real jewelry. The problem was it came in many bags and nothing matched. Were we ripped off? Was there any earring that had a match? We sure had fun finding out. We took all of our loot up to the lake where Kellie has a houseboat and we spent the weekend going through the pile. What a blast! We worked for two days straight into the evenings. Kellie lit oil lanterns at night so we could see. It looked like pirate treasure with all the glitter. In the end, we discovered quite a few matches and we still haven't finished. It will be a slow process listing all of the jewelry but we will showcase a piece of jewelry here on the blog every week. Let us know if you are looking for something special....we just may have it in our stash!

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