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Friday, August 27, 2010

What is a KIKOY?

We learn something new every time we go out on a treasure hunt. I came across these colorful cloths last week. They were woven cotton with cool twisted fringes. What were they? They weren't big enough for a table cloth and they were too big for a scarf. One had a tag that said'The Kikoy Co' with a website. Ah I can research this one! So I bought them because I like the colors. Turns out they are Kikoys which are really just wraps or sarongs from Africa. They are a traditional clothing item but many use them for beach cover-ups, wraps or even picnic and beach blankets. They are actually quite versitile. According to the website, they get softer and more comfortable with wear and washing. I found it interesting that people have their favorite Kikoy that they bring with them everywhere. I'm glad I picked them up. They are quite beautiful!

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